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  • Supernova 1994D in NGC 4526
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  • Milky Way - Andromeda Collision
  • NGC 2683 - The UFO Galaxy
  • Antennae Galaxies colliding
  • Centaurus A
  • The Centre of Centaurus A
  • Virgo Cluster

This is another beautiful example of a smaller group of galaxies: HCG 92. The famous Stephan's Quintet consists of five galaxies of which four form a dense group. The galaxy to the bottom left is a foreground galaxy not connected with the others. The four galaxies are in an early phase of colliding with each other; tidal tails and heavy star formation are the first signs of the upcoming collision. It is most likely that in the next hundreds of millions of years all four galaxies will merge together to form a huge elliptical galaxy.

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Stephan's Quintet
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