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The Mreira meteorite is a very recent fall. On the 16th of December 2012 a fireball exploded near the village of Mehaires in the Western Sahara. Several detonations were heard by witnesses of this event. A total mass of 6 kg was recovered with the biggest specimen weighting 602 grams. The meteorites show a beautiful fusion crust and some specimens are regmaglypted. Mreira meteorites are the freshest possible meteorites with absolutely no signs of weathering.

Mreira 138.3 g
Name Mreira 138.3 g (L6)
Price 999 EUR
Weight 138.1 grams
Size 71 mm x 49 mm x 33 mm
Item number 87
Mreira 72.4 g
Name Mreira 72.4 g (L6)
Price sold
Weight 72.4 g
Size 43 mm x 41 mm x 30 mm
Item number 29
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