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In our opinion, NWA 869 is one of the most undervalued meteorites. The reason is the relatively large amount of recovered material (for a stony meteorite) of more than 2 tons. But NWA 869 is a very decorative meteorite with many chondrules and breccia fragments. It also has a low weathering grade of 1. Despite these good qualities NWA 869 can still be acquired for a relatively small amount of money.

NWA 869 slice 56.2 g
Name NWA 869 slice 56.2 g (L3-6)
Price sold
Weight 56.2 grams
Size 87 mm x 59 mm x 4.5 mm
Item number 135
NWA 869 slice 61.5 g
Name NWA 869 slice 61.5 g (L3-6)
Price sold
Weight 61.5 grams
Size 102 mm x 65 mm x 4 mm
Item number 136
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