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The most prominent structure in this image is Valles Marianeris. It's a huge canyon, 4000 km long and up to 7 km deep. Not bad for such a small planet (Mars only has about half the diameter of Earth, or 11% of Earth's mass). Sun.org offers a video of a flight through a part of Valles Marineris that you can watch on Youtube. But Mars also has the highest mountain of all the planets in the Solar System: Olympus Mons. Its peak is 26 km above the plains of Mars, Mount Everest (8848 metres) is a dwarf compared to this. Unfortunately you cannot see Olympus Mons on this image, it's on the other side of the Planet. Mars would be a nice touristic place to visit if we only had the means of transport today.

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Mars with Valles Marineris
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