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A gorgeous Sikhote-Alin full of regmaglypts. The specimen comes with a certificate of authenticity. Shipping costs are 6 Euro within the EU and Switzerland, and 10 Euro worldwide. For multiple purchases we combine shipping.

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Name Sikhote Alin - 144.3 g Meteorite type Iron meteorite
Fall date Feb 12, 1947 Total known weight est. 70 tonnes
Fall region Sikhote-Alin Mountains, Primorsky Krai - Russia Chemical composition 93% Fe, 5.9% Ni, 0.42% Co, 0.46% P, 0.28% S
Weight 144.3 grams Size 61 mm x 41 mm x 33 mm
Item number 88

Sikhote Alin - 144.3 g
Sikhote Alin - 144.3 g
Sikhote Alin - 144.3 g
Sikhote Alin - 144.3 g
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