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Beautifully shaped, fresh Gao-Guenie meteorite with 100% primary fusion crust. The specimen comes with a certificate of authenticity. Shipping costs are 6 Euro within the EU and Switzerland, and 10 Euro worldwide. For multiple purchases we combine shipping.

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Name Gao-Guenie 302.55 g Meteorite type Stony meteorite H5
Fall date March 5, 1960 Total known weight probably over 1000 kg
Fall region Sissili and Ziro provinces, Burkina Faso Chemical composition Olivin Fa18-20
Weathering grade - Shock stage -
Weight 302.55 grams Size 73 mm x 58 mm x 58 mm
Item number 71

Gao-Guenie 302.55 g
Gao-Guenie 302.55 g
Gao-Guenie 302.55 g
Gao-Guenie 302.55 g
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