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A gorgeous Sikhote-Alin full of regmaglypts. This is one of the rare meteorites that have two types of regmaglypts, showing that this meteorite broke up during its fall, first creating the larger regmaglypts on one side and afterwards creating the smaller ones on the other side. The specimen comes with a certificate of authenticity. Shipping costs are 6 Euro within the EU and Switzerland, and 10 Euro worldwide. For multiple purchases we combine shipping.

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Name Sikhote-Alin Individual 126.8 g Meteorite type Iron meteorite
Fall date Feb 12, 1947 Total known weight est. 70 tonnes
Fall region Sikhote-Alin Mountains, Primorsky Krai - Russia Chemical composition 93% Fe, 5.9% Ni, 0.42% Co, 0.46% P, 0.28% S
Weight 126.8 grams Size 54 mm x 48 mm x 25 mm
Item number 64

Sikhote-Alin Individual 126.8 g
Sikhote-Alin Individual 126.8 g
Sikhote-Alin Individual 126.8 g
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