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A polished end cut of NWA 803 meteorite with nice fusion crust and great polishing quality. With a finish that fine, the inner structures of the meteorite can be seen in great detail and preservation against oxidation is high. This meteorite includes mirror-like iron inclusions (that are difficult to display photographically) and chondrules, the first material condensed out of the solar fog. The specimen comes with a certificate of authenticity. Please add 6 Euro for registered mail. For multiple purchases we combine shipping.

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Name NWA 803 - 153g Meteorite type Stony meteorite L6
Fall date found 2001 Total known weight 6.87 kg
Fall region Northwest Africa Chemical composition Fayalite (mol%): 25.3
Weathering grade W2 Shock stage S3
Weight 152.4 grams Size 73 mm x 49 mm x 27 mm
Item number 36

NWA 803 - 153g
NWA 803 - 153g
NWA 803 - 153g
NWA 803 - 153g
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