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Gorgeous L3.5 meteorite with a total known weight of just 264 grams! This specimen is densly packed with chondrules and comes with a clear acrylic stand, as per photo, and a certificate of authenticity.

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Name NWA 2785 7.6 g Meteorite type Stony meteorite L3.5
Fall date found 2005 Total known weight 264 g
Fall region Northwest Africa Chemical composition Fayalite (mol%): 13-28
Weathering grade W2 Shock stage S2
Weight 7.6 grams Size 41 mm x 31 mm x 3 mm
Item number 31

NWA 2785 7.6 g
NWA 2785 7.6 g
NWA 2785 7.6 g
NWA 2785 7.6 g
NWA 2785 7.6 g
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