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A nice meteorite found in Northwest Africa (NWA). This meteorite is a complete specimen of a stony meteorite with nice regmaglypts and fusion crust. The meteorite has not been classified yet and can still be analysed at a later point in time. The specimen comes with a certificate of authenticity. Shipping is from Germany, postage is 6 euros within Germany and 14.49 euros within the EU and 20 Euro worldwide. If you make more than one purchase, the postage costs will only be charged once.

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Name NWA XXX 237.1 g Meteorite type Stony meteorite unclassified
Fall date unknown Total known weight unknown
Fall region Northwest Africa Chemical composition unknown
Weight 237.1 grams Size 99 mm x 47 mm x 35 mm
Item number 230

NWA XXX 237.1 g
NWA XXX 237.1 g
NWA XXX 237.1 g
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