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Nice Seymchan pallasite meteorite slice with both large and small olivine crystals. The specimen comes with a clear acrylic stand, as per the photo, and a certificate of authenticity. Please add 6 Euro for worldwide shipping via registered mail. For multiple purchases we combine shipping.

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Name Seymchan slice - 61.8 g Meteorite type Stony-iron meteorite
Fall date found 1967 Total known weight about 380 kg
Fall region Magadan Oblast - Russia Chemical composition 9.15% Ni, 24.6 ppm Ga, 68.3 ppm Ge, 0.55 ppm Ir
Weight 61.8 g Size 67 mm x 58 mm x 4 mm
Item number 62

Seymchan slice - 61.8 g
Seymchan slice - 61.8 g
Seymchan slice - 61.8 g
Seymchan slice - 61.8 g
Seymchan slice - 61.8 g
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